DAGA Co-Chairs Praise President Biden and Vice President Harris’ Speeches to Protect Voting Rights

January 11, 2022

Washington, DC — Earlier today, President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris delivered remarks on the importance of passing new federal legislation to protect voting rights across America. Nearly twenty states have passed new laws making it harder to vote as Donald Trump’s “Big Lie” has become the GOP’s dominant political theme nationwide, while Democratic AGs are engaged across the states on expanding and protecting access to the right to vote.

Statement from DAGA Co-Chairs Nevada AG Aaron Ford and Delaware AG Kathy Jennings:

“We applaud President Biden and Vice President Harris for crystalizing our mission ahead: we must pass new federal legislation to protect voting rights in America. Donald Trump’s ‘Big Lie’ has become a toxic thread coursing through the Republican Party, from Mar-a-Lago to AG races to local elections nationwide, and we need to stand in the breach against this attack on our democracy. Democratic AGs are proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Biden-Harris Administration, the civil rights leaders and groups who have been in the trenches for decades expanding access to the ballot, and all Americans who want to protect their votes and their democracy. Democratic AGs are on the front lines of protecting millions of Americans’ votes and fighting the ‘Big Lie’ nationwide, and we’re ready to stand up to these attacks on our country.”