2024 Presidential Election on the Line in Arizona’s AG Race

October 21, 2022

AG Race Will Play Crucial Role in Certifying 2024 Presidential Election Results

Washington, DC — Democracy is on the ballot this November in Arizona and across the country. Yesterday, the Associated Press spotlighted how the election deniers running for statewide office could decide how elections are run, and results are determined. Far-right GOP AG nominee Abe Hamadeh is among those who have embraced Donald Trump’s Big Lie and his dangerous agenda.

AP writes, “Lake, Finchem and Abraham Hamadeh, the attorney general nominee, are running for offices that play a central role in administering or certifying elections, and the candidates earned Trump’s support by spreading falsehoods about the 2020 election.”

“Multiple reviews in battleground states, including in Arizona, dozens of court cases and Trump’s own Department of Justice have found there was no widespread fraud in the last presidential election.”

“Despite that, Republican candidates up and down the ballot continue to deny the legitimacy of Biden’s election. Several are running for governor, secretary of state or attorney general in some of the closely contested states where Trump disputed his loss, including Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Nevada.”

 “The governor, secretary of state and attorney general in Arizona have enormous power over election decisions. If all three Republicans win, the steps they could take would be nearly limitless, according to Arizona election lawyers versed in the laws, rules and norms that govern the process.”

If elected, extremist candidates like Abe Hamadeh put politics ahead of the will of the people and will pose a severe threat to the integrity of our elections. Democratic AG nominee Kris Mayes is running to represent Arizonans and uphold voters’ will.


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