• Climate Action

    Democratic AGs are at the forefront of the fight against climate change and are some of the most effective advocates for climate protection. Every day, they work to protect our communities and public lands, and hold polluters accountable.

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  • Consumer Protections

    As their state’s chief consumer protection enforcers, Democratic AGs use the power of their offices to protect families, children, seniors and consumers from bad actors that attempt to cause harm. Whether it’s taking on predatory lending, price gouging, robocalls, or raising awareness about scams that target vulnerable communities, the work of Democratic AGs makes a real difference in the lives of working families.

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  • Equity For All

    The Office of State Attorney General can either be a champion for progress or a defender of regressive status quo policies — and that is why it is crucial that we fight for every state AG seat in every election.

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  • Health Care

    Democratic AGs have proven to be one of the most effective champions at defending health care access in this country.

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  • Housing

    Everyone deserves a safe place to call home.

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  • LGBTQIA+ Equality

    Democratic AGs are determined to protect, uphold, and advance the rights of all people — no matter who you love or how you identify.

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  • Public Safety

    Keeping our communities safe has never been more important, and Democratic AGs across the country are fighting to do just that.

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  • Repro Rights & Abortion Access

    With federal inaction on reproductive rights and abortion access, the fight to ensure that everyone — no matter where you live — can access safe and affordable reproductive health care comes down to the states. Fortunately, Democratic AGs have a long, successful track record of defending and advancing reproductive justice in America.

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  • Voting Rights

    Who we elect to be our states’ top legal officer matters more than ever. Learn more about Democratic AGs’ work to defend U.S. elections and protect your vote.

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  • Worker Protections

    Workers are the driving force of this country, and Democratic AGs are committed to fighting alongside workers and unions to ensure safe conditions with fair pay that is free of harassment and discrimination.

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