The role that your state AG can play in either advancing or rolling back reproductive rights in your state is so critical, that in 2019, the Democratic Attorneys General Association became the first political committee to ONLY support pro-choice candidates who will defend Roe v. Wade and uphold reproductive rights and abortion access.

Unfortunately, we need only look at Virginia’s 2021 election to see what will happen if we lose sitting Democratic AGs to anti-choice extremists. Within weeks of being sworn into office, Republican AG Jason Miyares overturned his Democratic predecessor’s position in support of reproductive rights, and used his office to urge the U.S. Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade.

Washington Post Headline: Virginia Attorney General Urges Supreme Court to Overturn RoeLearn more about Democratic AGs’ work to protect reproductive rights and abortion access, and chip in here if you’re able to support our work to defend and elect pro-choice champions this November:

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