AG Races Across the Country Will Determine Abortion Access

October 3, 2022

GOP AG Candidates Are Anti-Abortion Extremists; Several are Doubling Down on State Abortion Bans and Prosecutions

Washington, DC — The 2022 midterm elections are fast approaching, and abortion access is on the ballot across the country in states like Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, and Minnesota. A new Vox article underscores what’s at stake, writing, “Depending on the outcome of November’s elections, the outlook for abortion access in these states could be grim, limiting residents’ options and further stressing the resources of neighboring states where abortion remains legal.”

 “Ballot initiatives in three states could determine abortion access for millions of women and what kind of reproductive health care is available to them. Abortion has also become a key issue in races for governor and state attorneys general, who have direct control over their states’ abortion laws and how they are enforced.”

 “And Democratic attorney general candidates have vowed not to enforce their states’ anti-abortion laws and protect access, while their Republican opponents want to see maximum enforcement.”

 In Arizona, “The Republican attorney general nominee Abraham Hamadeh, a far-right former Maricopa County prosecutor, has promised to enforce Arizona’s existing anti-abortion laws, including Ducey’s 15-week ban and the pre-Roe ban.” And most recently, during the Arizona attorney general debate, Hamadeh defended Arizona’s dangerous abortion ban.

In Michigan, “The GOP nominee for state attorney general, Matt DePerno, opposes abortion even in cases of rape, incest, or medical emergency. If elected to the position of the state’s top prosecutor, he said he would have enforced the pre-Roe abortion ban before it was overturned and that Plan B, a type of emergency contraception, should be banned if it’s taken ‘after conception has occurred.’”

In Minnesota, the GOP attorney general candidate Jim Schultz has also tried to hide his extremism on abortion and tried to distance himself from his own response saying he wanted to ban abortion after six weeks. Schultz has been anti-abortion for a long time and even said during the primary that he helped to set up a crisis pregnancy center and would ‘be the one going on offense’ on the issue of abortion.

In Georgia, Republican AG Chris Carr openly said that the state’s anti-abortion law would allow him to prosecute abortion providers. What’s even more alarming is that his opponent, State Senator Jen Jordan, has called out Carr and this law for allowing for prosecution of both patients and providers.


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