California AG Rob Bonta Stands Up to Ron DeSantis

June 7, 2023

Bonta Fires Back After DeSantis’ “Morally Bankrupt” Act of Sending Migrants to Sacramento

Washington, DC — In his latest political stunt, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis “…orchestrated two recent charter flights that carried groups of migrants from New Mexico to Sacramento,” reported the New York Times. Standing up to DeSantis’ immoral act, California AG Rob Bonta made clear that “He[‘s] vowed to aggressively pursue the possibility of criminal or civil charges for those involved in the transport, calling the action ‘morally bankrupt.’”


“‘To be clear, this was the state of Florida using its budget to move migrants in Texas to New Mexico and California, he said. ‘These are migrants who never were in Florida,’” writes the New York Times.



To talk more about DeSantis’ cruel stunt, AG Bonta spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper, stating “It’s not lost on me the great irony that Florida, not a border state, Florida is sending migrants from Texas to California, a border state, a state with the most immigrants in the United States of America. A place that lives and thrives with immigrants to do what? To show us how to live and thrive with immigrants? We know how. It’s too late for that. So it’s a political stunt. It’s cheap and it’s cruel and it’s on the backs of human beings.”



In addition, AG Bonta joined MSNBC’s José Díaz-Balart, and said, “The state of Florida needs to be held accountable for these actions. These actions are cruel, they’re inhumane, they’re morally bankrupt, they’re wrong.” AG Bonta continues, “Instead of being received with compassion, and care, dignity and respect that they deserve, they were exploited and manipulated. And moved with false promises made to them to another state far away from the hearings that they have scheduled to attend as part of their asylum-seeking process.”



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