Colorado’s John Kellner is a Hypocrite on Crime

October 12, 2022

“He Should Be Disqualified as a Candidate for Attorney General”

Washington, DC — In Colorado, GOP AG nominee John Kellner wants to be the top law enforcement official, but the data shows that he can’t even keep people safe in his district. Colorado Pols released a devastating blow to Kellner’s record, reporting, “We did look at data from the Colorado Crime Stats website, and the numbers explain quite clearly why Kellner (and Brauchler) are always cherry-picking auto theft statistics about Judicial District 18, where Kellner is the District Attorney. As it turns out, you are MUCH less safe in JD-18 than you are in the rest of Colorado since Kellner took over as District Attorney in 2021.”

“Republican Attorney General candidate John Kellner and his friends at the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) have spent months making a big deal about the rise in auto thefts in Colorado.”

“If you listen to Kellner talk about rising crime rates in Colorado, you’ll notice that he ONLY ever mentions auto theft. It’s the only issue that pops up in mail pieces from RAGA, and it’s pretty much the only crime-related issue that Kellner discusses on the campaign trail. We’d argue that it is silly to blame the Attorney General (whoever it is) for crime rates in general, since that’s not really the AG’s job, but since Kellner keeps bringing it up, the topic is fair game.”

“The bad news for Kellner — and anyone who lives in Arapahoe, Douglas, Elbert, or Lincoln Counties — is that rates for violent crime, property crime, and sex offenses are much higher in JD-18 than the statewide averages.”

“Unfortunately, you are significantly more likely to be robbed, raped, or murdered if you live in Kellner’s district.”

 “On Kellner’s campaign website, it says, ‘Colorado needs an Attorney General who will prioritize public safety over politics.’ We couldn’t agree more. By John Kellner’s own metrics, he should be disqualified as a candidate for Attorney General.”


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