Democratic Attorneys General Association Brings Jenn Fogel-Bublick Onboard as Deputy Executive Director

January 6, 2020

Washington, D.C.— The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) today announced Jenn Fogel-Bublick, formerly a partner with Capitol Counsel, LLC, will join the organization as the Deputy Executive Director to support the committee’s continued growth and electoral success. Fogel-Bublick comes to DAGA with more than two decades of leadership and policy experience. Over the past decade, Fogel-Bublick fostered strategic relationships, provided analysis, built coalitions, and advised clients on issues affecting millions of Americans including affordable housing, gun safety, and consumer protection. Prior to her work in the private sector, Fogel-Bublick spent more than seven years on Capitol Hill where she worked to strengthen consumer protection, create opportunities for working Americans, and address affordable housing issues, including foreclosures and the lack of rental housing.


“As we head into this critical election cycle, we look forward to having Jenn Fogel-Bublick on our team. Her leadership skills and experience will help us to shape the way people think about state Attorneys General and expand the progressive partnerships needed to elect and support those leaders who put people first,” said Sean Rankin, Executive Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “With Jenn’s help steering this committee, DAGA is on track to continue its record-breaking growth and further its work to educate beltway insiders, key allies, and the American public about the importance of the office of state Attorneys General and electing Democrats to AG seats in more states.”

“The work of Democratic Attorneys General too often flies under the radar for the progressive community, and I am proud to be joining this committee, helping to change that by putting Democratic AGs front and center,” said Jenn Fogel-Bublick. “Democratic Attorneys General are  on the front lines fighting to protect our most vulnerable communities and defend our Democracy—and they deliver results.”


“Thanks to the passion and dedication of this powerhouse committee, more people are noticing the critical work Democratic AGs do and the leadership role this coalition plays in the Democratic party and in this country,” added Fogel-Bublick. “I am ready to be a part of the team that is making progress happen and fighting tirelessly to elect the kind of leaders we need.”


Fogel-Bublick’s hire is the latest in DAGA’s continued upward trajectory. In December 2019, DAGA announced new leadership as the committee prepares to protect Democratic incumbents and flip key seats in this year’s cycle. Massachusetts AG Maura Healey joined Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum as a Co-Chair to lead the growing committee and focus on regaining the majority. This is the first time two women will co-chair the national committee. DAGA recently earned the attention of top Democrats and reproductive rights leaders for becoming the first Democratic campaign committee to require Democratic candidates seeking assistance to publicly commit to protecting reproductive rights in order to receive financial support from the committee.

In 2016, DAGA moved from a part-time committee based in Colorado to a full-time organization that won two out of three battleground races going head-to-head with the Republican Attorneys General Association. In 2017, DAGA secured the re-election of Virginia AG Mark Herring and launched a Women’s Initiative (“the 1881 Initiative”) to elect more women to the office of state Attorney General with an expressed commitment to equal representation. In 2018, DAGA helped flip four seats blue and elect the most diverse coalition of Democratic Attorneys General in history. Democrats currently hold 25 AG seats nationwide, representing the majority of the U.S. population and states responsible for the majority of U.S. GDP. 

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