DAGA-backed Group Launches New TV Ad in Ohio On Dave Yost’s Failures to Keep Ohio Safe, Repeatedly Offering Plea Deals to Sexual Predators

October 23, 2018

Watch “Bad Deal” Here

Washington, D.C.— DAGA PLP, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), released a new television ad this week focused on GOP candidate Dave Yost’s failure to keep Ohio safe as a prosecutor. As the ad highlights, Yost repeatedly offered plea deals to sexual predators, child pornographers, and rapists.

“Dave Yost is a bad deal for Ohio,” said Lizzie Ulmer, Communications Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “Dave Yost’s failure as Auditor to properly address the ECOT scandal already made him unfit to serve as Attorney General—and now this ad highlights that Dave Yost puts the safety of Ohio families and communities at risk as well.”

“Ohio needs a leader they can trust to have their back,” continued Ulmer. “That is why Steve Dettelbach is the right choice for Attorney General in November.”

Watch the DAGA PLP ad linked here.

Full Transcript Below:

As a prosecutor, he failed to keep our kids safe.

Now Dave Yost wants to be our Attorney General.

Time and again, Yost offered plea deals for child predators

A deal for a man indicted for raping a young girl.

Released after just six months.

A deal for a child pornographer.

Released after ninety days.

Now Dave Yost is running for Attorney General.

That’s a bad deal for Ohio families.

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