DAGA Congratulates Delaware AG and DAGA Co-Chair Kathy Jennings on Decisive Re-Election

November 8, 2022

Congratulations to AG Jennings on a resounding re-election. AG Jennings, who serves as DAGA’s Co-Chair, spent her first term advocating for equality and justice, promoting public safety, and consumer protection. She has worked hard to get dangerous guns off of Delaware’s streets with the state’s new assault weapons ban, a critical step towards keeping Delaware’s kids and families safe. In her second term, she will continue her efforts to protect reproductive rights and hold the powerful accountable after she led the trial team that secured a conviction of a sitting statewide elected official in Delaware’s history.

“In her role as a DAGA Co-Chair, AG Jennings has supported fellow Democratic AGs and candidates, and we thank her for her hard work this year to elect Democratic AGs across the country. Her unwavering commitment to Delawareans made her first term successful, and we look forward to seeing what she achieves in her second term.”


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