DAGA Download – January 31

January 31, 2020


  • The Truth behind the GOP’s Attacks on Health Care
    In an op-ed published in The Kansas City Star, Democratic candidate for Missouri AG Rich Finneran warns that, if Missouri AG Eric Schmitt and Republican AGs win their lawsuit against the ACA, it will end guaranteed coverage for pre-existing conditions. Finneran, a former federal prosecutor, says that “If the entire law is invalidated, health care coverage for millions of families in Missouri and across the country would be at risk.” Read the full op-ed here.
  • Ask Elad Anything
    Today, Elad Gross, former Assistant Attorney General and Democratic candidate for Missouri AG held a cross-platform “Ask Me Anything” in an effort to highlight his candidacy and work on the trail. In it, Gross announced he would “start a Civil Rights Division at the Attorney General’s Office.” Check out the full AMA, filled with newsy and funny responses by Elad Gross here!


Washington AG Bob Ferguson led a coalition of 21 Dem AGs in a lawsuit against the Trump administration’s latest effort to allow 3D-printed gun files to be released on the Internet. Often called “ghost guns,” 3D-printed guns are untraceable and impossible to detect with metal detectors, making it easier for even those prohibited from owning guns to possess such a weapon. “The implications are profound and that’s not just me talking. That is literally national security with the federal government for years. 3D-printed guns, if available, present a threat to the national security of this country,” AG Ferguson said. Read more about the lawsuit here on WAMU’s website.

On Tuesday, 20 Dem AGs filed an amicus brief challenging abortion restrictions in Missouri. In the brief, the AGs argue that Missouri’s restrictive abortion laws would harm women’s overall health in Missouri and put a strain on neighboring states’ healthcare systems as women seek care outside of Missouri. “No government, state or federal, has the right to make personal decisions for a woman about her body or her healthcare,” California AG Xavier Becerra said. “We will continue to stand with women and the Constitution to protect their access to comprehensive healthcare.” Read more about the amicus brief here in The Hill.

On the heels of Virginia becoming  the 38th, and final state needed, to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment, Virginia AG Mark Herring, Illinois AG Kwame Raoul, and Nevada AG Aaron Ford filed a lawsuit in federal District Court asking the judge to direct the Archivist of the United States to follow his duties and declare that the ERA has become the 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. “We now have this historic opportunity to ensure that equal rights, regardless of sex, are properly recognized as part of the Constitution,” said AG Herring.

Reminder: Republican AGs are pushing a anti-woman, anti-equality agenda with their own lawsuit trying to block the ERA from being added to the Constitution. Trump’s DOJ has said that the deadline to add the ERA to the constitution has passed.


On Monday, New Jersey AG Gubrir Grewal and Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro announced a new partnership aimed at keeping illegal guns off the street. AG Grewal and AG Shapiro held a joint press conference announcing that their efforts had already taken down a gun trafficking ring that was using straw purchasers to move guns between New Jersey and Pennsylvania. “Thanks to our new partnership, we will more effectively shut down crime gun pipelines and get firearms out of the hands of criminals who want to do harm,” said AG Shapiro.

DAGA Co-Chair Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum announced a new statewide campaign to make Oregonians aware of the new hate and bias crime law that goes into effect this year! “We want all Oregonians in every corner of the state to know our new law protects them,” AG Rosenblum said. “For the first time, victims have a statewide hotline number to call when they have experienced hate or bias incidents in their own community.” Read more about this first of its kind service spearheaded by AG Rosenblum here!


FiveThirtyEight released a series called “When Women Run” which features women who have run for elected office and their experience. DAGA Co-Chair Massachusetts Maura Healey and Michigan AG Dana Nessel were both featured. Here’s AG Healey’s response to the question: “what’s the worst sexism you experienced in politics?” and AG Nessel’s response to the question: “Did your appearance become an issue?”


North Carolina AG Josh Stein showed off his versatility this week in a post on Twitter.

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