DAGA Download – June 11

June 11, 2021



In the Virginia Democratic primary, incumbent Virginia AG Mark Herring secured the Democratic nomination for Attorney General. AG Herring is set to face off against Republican nominee, Del. Jason Miyares, in the November general election. In a tweet accepting his nomination, AG Herring stated, “I’m proud to be your Democratic nominee for Virginia Attorney General. After 8 years of unprecedented progress, we’ll have the opportunity with a Democratic Majority to break progressive ground like never before. Now, we’ll unite as one party and win big in November.” DAGA Executive Director Sean Rankin said, “There is no more committed or proven leader ready to serve than Mark Herring.”

BONUS: Read DAGA’s statement on Republican AG nominee Jason Miyares here.

The Texas Bar Association has officially opened an investigation into indicted AG Ken Paxton to determine whether his attempts to overturn the 2020 presidential election resulted in “professional misconduct.” While the TX state bar association initially dismissed requests to investigate AG Paxton’s efforts to invalidate the election results based on the claim of fraud, this decision was overturned and a formal investigation has begun. This investigation is one of many controversies currently surrounding AG Paxton, others including a fraud indictment, FBI investigation, and a formidable Republican primary challenger. Read more here.



A coalition of 11 Democratic AGs successfully reached a settlement with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on asbestos. The settlement will require all companies to provide information about the use and importation of asbestos to the EPA, a regulation not formerly required by the agency. This action taken by the coalition of Dem AGs is intended to prevent life-threatening health and environmental risks. Oregon AG Ellen Rosenblum shared that “the public needs to know exactly where and how this incredibly dangerous substance is being used.” Furthermore, AG Rosenblum explained that this settlement is a mechanism to close “loopholes” and ensure reporting. Read more here


Wisconsin AG Josh Kaul and Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro both addressed ongoing efforts to “audit” the 2020 presidential election on MSNBC. AG Kaul and AG Shapiro agreed that these inquiries are nothing more than “fake audits” used to “fan the flames of the big lie and keep this false narrative going that has been promoted by the former president.” AG Kaul and AG Shapiro are confident that these investigations will remain meritless given the concerted action of Democratic AGs across the country to protect election results, the extensive review of the 2020 Election that proved fair and accurate results reflecting the will of the voters in Wisconsin, and the strong track record of defending the voters in Pennsylvania. Watch more about Dem AG efforts to defend democracy here:

New Mexico AG Hector Balderas filed a lawsuit against various companies producing baby-food and major retail chains alleging that these companies are “marketing and selling” contaminated products. AG Balderas’ office contends that this allegation is a violation of consumer protection laws and an attack on the “population most vulnerable” to long-lasting health effects due to exposure or consumption of contaminated products. AG Balderas asserted that “knowingly marketing toxic products to children in a state that already has the worst child welfare outcomes in the nation is unacceptable and outrageous, and so we are taking this action on behalf of all New Mexican families.” Read more about the lawsuit here.


New York AG Tish James announced a victory in her lawsuit against the Rensselaer County Board of Elections about their failure to provide voters in the county’s communities of color with equal access to early voting sites. As a result of the suit, the Board of Elections in Rensselaer County was directed to designate a centrally located early voting site by June 9th for the June 2021 New York State primary elections. AG James explained that “as states around the country seek to infringe on this most basic right and make it harder to vote, our work to protect and expand voting rights in New York is more important than ever.” Read more about the victory here.


During a segment on the Daily Beast podcast “The New Abnormal,” Michigan AG Dana Nessel spoke about the alarming militia movement taking place in Michigan. AG Nessel detailed the various violent threats to the state capitol, as a result of misinformation about the 2020 presidential election. Additionally, she opened up about the death threats she and other elected officials received from militia groups, the impact it has had on her family, and the fear it has evoked. Nevertheless, AG Nessel stands firm in aggressively going after those who commit these crimes to honor the fact that “while you certainly are free to disagree with the policies or the work of government officials, you cannot threaten their lives.” Listen more about AG Nessel’s efforts to protect democracy and Republican AGs attempts to overturn the election – including in her state – here


California AG Rob Bonta 
announced that he would be appealing a federal judge’s decision to overturn the state’s 32-year ban on assault weapons. “
In many ways the opinion was disturbing and troubling… But we cannot, and we are not, deterred by this ruling. Our strong common sense gun laws not only curb mass shootings, but gun violence in general.”


Virginia AG Mark Herring fired up the grill and held a “BBQ&A” with a few familiar Virginians as he shared grilling secrets and proud moments from his service as Attorney General.

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