DAGA Slams Dave Yost as He Files Gubernatorial Campaign Paperwork

July 28, 2023

Yost’s Own Family Criticized Him Over His Dangerous Abortion Record

Washington, DC — Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost has filed paperwork declaring that he is running for Governor in 2026. Yost was first elected as Attorney General in 2018.

Statement from Emily Trifone, DAGA’s Deputy Communications Director:

“Dave Yost is a clear and present danger to Ohioans and people all across the country. In the wake of the Dobbs decision, he enforced an abortion ban that put Ohio patients in danger. His actions were so terrifying that his own family publicly criticized him, with his son posting about his father: “The land of the free doesn’t seem so free right now.” To top it off, Yost publicly shamed and doubted a 10-year-old rape victim.

“Yost has been on the wrong side of Ohioans for years, including getting caught in Ohio’s most significant political corruption scandal for decades. Make no mistake: he would be a disastrous choice as Ohio’s next Governor, and DAGA will be contesting this open Attorney General seat in 2026.”


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