DAGA Thrilled to Endorse Raúl Torrez For New Mexico Attorney General

June 22, 2022

The Career Prosecutor Will Fight for New Mexican Families as Their Next AG

Washington, DC — The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) congratulates Raúl Torrez on his recent victory in the Democratic primary and nomination to be the next New Mexico Attorney General. Torrez brings years of prosecutorial experience and smart-on-crime policies to the AG’s office. He will work every day to protect New Mexico families just as he’s done as the Bernalillo County District Attorney, and DAGA is excited to formally endorse Torrez’s campaign.


Statement from Michelle Ortiz, Executive Director, Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“Today, DAGA formally endorses Raúl Torrez as New Mexico’s next Attorney General. As a current District Attorney and former advisor to the Department of Justice during the Obama administration, Torrez has dedicated his career fighting to make communities safer. He brings years of experience standing up for common sense gun safety laws, tackling the rape kit backlog, and prosecuting violent crime to the AG’s office. He’ll continue to build on his life’s work of keeping New Mexico families safe when elected AG. New Mexicans can trust that Torrez will never stop fighting for them, which is why he has our full support this November.”

Statement from Raúl Torrez, Democratic Nominee for New Mexico Attorney General:

“DAGA knows just how important the Attorney General races are for protecting our families and our rights. As a dedicated public servant and career prosecutor who’s taken on the toughest jobs during the crime crisis, I will never back down when it comes to protecting our communities. I know how to keep New Mexico families safe and I’ve spent my career doing just that. As the Bernalillo County District Attorney, I’ve been a national leader for innovative smart-on-crime policies that I plan to bring to the AG’s office. As Attorney General, I will fight for advancing common sense gun safety laws and protecting reproductive health care for all at a time when these initiatives could not be more important. I will also continue to stand up to extremists who threaten our democracy and will hold bad actors who pollute and take advantage of consumers accountable.  I thank DAGA for its support and ongoing partnership.”



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