Democratic Attorneys General Association to Wes Duncan

October 3, 2018

Duncan, a former Laxalt Deputy, Has Been Silent on Laxalt’s Reckless Arrest History

Duncan and Republican Attorneys General Association Running Dog Whistle Attack Ads Pushing a Racist Narrative About State Senator Aaron Ford, Democratic Nominee for Attorney General

Washington, D.C.— After reports that Adam Laxalt, Republican nominee for governor in Nevada, was arrested on suspicion of assaulting a police officer in June 1996, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (@DemocraticAGs) is calling on Wes Duncan, Republican Attorney General Nominee and former Laxalt deputy, to either denounce Laxalt as unfit for Governor or drop attack ads against Democratic Attorney General nominee Aaron Ford. Duncan, who has been silent on Laxalt’s recent arrest revelations, is running campaign ads demonizing Ford for minor arrests he had in college.

“As seen with Duncan’s failure to reject the endorsement of accused rapist and Storey County Sheriff Gerald Antinoro, it’s clear that silence is one of Wes Duncan’s favorite approaches to issues where he knows he is in the wrong,” said Sean Rankin, Executive Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “Duncan, has been a hypocrite in attacking Senator Ford, while he fails to acknowledge that his mentor, the current Attorney General and Republican gubernatorial candidate, is the person who is unfit. RAGA likewise.”

In addition to the DUI and possible assault on a police officer, The Nevada Independent reported last month that Laxalt had piled up eight traffic tickets, including five speeding tickets, in Maryland and Virginia between 1996 and 2006. According the Independent, Laxalt only got around to paying one of those tickets in August 2018. The Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) spent nearly $2.5 million supporting Laxalt’s run for Attorney General in 2014 and thus far, the group has allocated $2.7 million to support Duncan. Meanwhile, the past charges against Ford have become a focal point of racist campaign ads from the Republican camp that continues to willfully turn a blind-eye to Laxalt’s history of arrests and bad judgement.

“Laxalt’s arrest history includes behavior that threatened law enforcement and put the lives of others in danger,” continued Rankin. “Duncan, as he did with Antinoro, continues to exhibit behavior that is unfit and disqualifying for an Attorney General. He is taking millions from RAGA, and trying to sweep unlawful behavior from his political allies under the rug. Now, Nevada voters know who Duncan really is—someone who is OK with hypocritical, racist falsehoods when it benefits him.”


Last month, DAGA called out the race-baiting attacks from RAGA and doubled down support for Ford after RAGA filed a lawsuit against Las Vegas police over blocked attempts to obtain body camera footage that involves an incident one of Ford’s children and their friends. According to the lawsuit, RAGA submitted at least four public records requests for police body camera footage all of which were denied. According the Las Vegas Review Journal, Metro refused to produce any records or body camera footage. Metro cited various reasons in their denials, including that they could not release any records because it involved juveniles. RAGA falsely claims it tailored its request to omit any footage of the minor and that state law didn’t allow the agency to withhold the records for that purpose. However, the records show that is patently untrue.

“We’ve said it before:  If Wes Duncan and RAGA want to have a serious conversation about who is the best candidate for the people of Nevada, then let’s have it,” added Rankin. “The AG candidate who will put Nevada families first, fight corruption, work to prevent senseless gun violence, and stand up for the people is Senator Aaron Ford, full stop.”

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