DEBATE: GOP AG Nominee John Kellner Misleads and Dodges Extreme Record

October 19, 2022

NRA-Endorsed Kellner Won’t Say If He’s Pro-Choice

Washington, DC — Colorado Democratic Attorney General Phil Weiser faced off against Republican John Kellner on Tuesday on 9NEWS. During the debate, Kellner attempted to mislead voters on his record and his dangerous agenda. But the truth is that Kellner has failed to keep his district safe while receiving an endorsement from the NRA and doesn’t support abortion rights. On the other hand, AG Weiser has received an “F” from the NRA and has been a champion for common sense gun safety measures and abortion rights.

During the debate, AG Weiser called on Kellner to release his NRA endorsement questionnaire, but Kellner avoided the question. Kellner said he is “not surprised that the NRA supports me” and went on to say “The reason why the NRA supports me is because I am someone who’s been involved in shooting sports my entire life.”

While Kellner again dodged questions, AG Weiser doubled down his support for abortion access. He said, “My opponent…He doesn’t talk about protecting those rights. He doesn’t have a track record.” He added, “We have as a nation a real challenge right now in a post-Dobbs world. Are we going to have attorneys general advocating for reproductive rights, for the principles of Roe v. Wade? Or advocating for the Dobbs decision, that says states have the right to ban all abortions? Those issues will continue to be in litigation…my opponent says he believes the Dobbs decision is correct. And the consequences from that decision are awful.”

In addition, AG Weiser received an from the Denver Post Editorial Board for his commitment to protecting abortion access. “It is critically important not only for Colorado but for women across this nation that Weiser prevails in federal court in the coming years with regard to maintaining women’s right to reproductive freedom,” writes the Denver Post.

The Denver Post continues, “We need an attorney general who will file a lawsuit if the federal government attempts to limit the decision voters made in 2020 to reject a ban on late-term abortions. Additionally, we need an attorney general willing to protect Colorado doctors and nurses from getting extradited and charged with crimes in other states for performing abortions. Weiser is the man for that job.”

 While John Kellner has been busy making promises to the NRA, AG Phil Weiser has been working hard for Coloradans. The contrast in this race couldn’t be more clear.


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