DEBATE: Kris Kobach Called Out for Steve Bannon Indictment, Lack of Experience to be Attorney General

October 26, 2022

Republicans, Independents Increasingly Backing Democratic Nominee

Washington, DC — Kris Kobach, whose claims to fame include losing two statewide elections and alienating some of his party’s most important constituencies, got embarrassed on the debate stage last night. This debate could be another key point in this race that recent polls show as highly competitive, with Republicans and independents crossing party lines and endorsing Chris Mann, a former police officer who was injured in the line of duty and later went on to become a prosecutor.

Mann called out Kobach’s lack of experience in a withering takedown that name-checked his role serving on the board of Bannon’s now-indicted company and as counsel.

Watch the clip here:


“I’m the only one here that has ever sat in the living room of an elderly couple who lost their life savings to a scam artist and then walked into the courtroom and held that scam artist accountable.

That’s the kind of experience that we need with someone who is going to be in charge of the Consumer Fraud Division.

The only experience my opponent has is being the attorney for, and a board member of, an organization that is currently under indictment for fraud.


And if he sat by and watched his own organization commit fraud, how do we expect him to help the people of Kansas?


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