Democratic AGs Association Records Huge Wins in Battleground States, Flips at Least 1 Seat

November 9, 2022

Washington, DC — The Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) has won four key battleground races in Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin and flipped Vermont from red-to-blue in a historic set of victories for public safety, reproductive rights, and American democracy.

This year’s success built on DAGA’s historic 2018 cycle when it flipped four battleground seats that were critical in the 2020 presidential election: Colorado, Michigan, Nevada, and Wisconsin. Three of those races have been called for the Democratic AG incumbent so far, despite the historical trends that work against the President’s party in the Administration’s first midterm.

In Colorado, AG Phil Weiser won re-election for his second term after flipping this seat in 2018. AG Weiser put together a broad coalition for his first re-election bid, including receiving the endorsement of his Republican predecessor, Cynthia Coffman.

In Michigan, AG Dana Nessel won re-election for her second term after flipping this seat in 2018. AG Nessel is a national leader in the fight for reproductive rights, including leading a legal challenge to the state’s decades-old abortion ban. She aggressively fought against one of Trump’s most vocal election-denying AG candidates.

In Minnesota, AG Keith Ellison won re-election doing the difficult work of protecting public safety while getting accountability for the brutal murder of George Floyd. He overcame more than $3 million in negative, racist ads – some of which appear to have been illegally coordinated by his opponent and RAGA. Ellison’s track record of protecting Minnesotans and the support of DAGA and allies delivered a major win.

In Wisconsin, AG Josh Kaul won re-election highlighting how he’s kept his promises to keep Wisconsinites safe including closing the rape kit backlog, getting violent criminals off of Wisconsin’s streets, and protecting reproductive rights. AG Kaul ran ahead of the nationally-watched U.S. Senate race in that state.

DAGA made history in three key seats: in Maryland, Congressman Anthony Brown became the first Black person elected as Attorney General in the state’s history. In Massachusetts, Andrea Campbell became the first Black woman elected as Attorney General in the state’s history, and the first Black woman elected statewide. In Vermont, Charity Clark has become the first woman ever elected as Attorney General in the state’s history as DAGA flipped this seat back to blue.


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