Democratic AGs Celebrate 13 Years of the Affordable Care Act Improving Health for All Americans

March 23, 2023

Washington, DC — On this day, 13 years ago, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law. Before the ACA was enacted, more than 50 million Americans were uninsured, and up to 129 million Americans with preexisting conditions lacked federal protections, and despite Republicans’ countless legal attacks and continued threats, the ACA still stands strong. For years, Democratic AGs have successfully defended the ACA and, alongside the Biden-Harris Administration, will continue to put Americans’ health care needs first.

Statement from DAGA Co-Chair Delaware AG Kathy Jennings:

“For 13 years, the Affordable Care Act has ensured that millions of families across our country can get the care they need. And despite Republicans’ countless attempts to repeal or weaken the ACA, it remains stronger than ever. Today, the ACA allows more than 16 million Americans to get quality, affordable health care — more than ever before. As Democratic Attorneys General, we’ve stood on the frontlines of the legal fight to protect the ACA, and we remain committed to fighting back against every Republican attempt that cuts access to health care.

“Thanks to the hard work of the Biden-Harris Administration, Americans continue to have the health care they deserve, and millions of seniors are saving hundreds of dollars each year on their prescription drugs. We are dedicated to building on these achievements and working with the Administration to continue to make health care affordable and accessible to all.”


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