Democratic AGs Join MSNBC Panel to Discuss Defending Abortion Rights

April 1, 2024

Dem AGs on Frontlines of Fighting Back Against GOP Attacks

Washington, DC — As Women’s History Month comes to a close, MSNBC’s Ayman Mohyeldin Reports hosted a panel of Democratic Attorneys General to discuss their work protecting and defending abortion access. DAGA Co-Chair and Delaware AG Kathy Jennings, Massachusetts AG Andrea Campbell, and Arizona AG Kris Mayes joined the panel where they also discussed the Supreme Court’s recent oral arguments in the mifepristone case as well as Donald Trump’s threat to abortion access and their work to re-elect President Biden and Vice President Harris.

Here are a few highlights from the panel:

AG Jennings said, “Delaware is a very safe state for abortion rights. Long before the Dobbs decision, we codified Roe v. Wade, we have added additional protections.” She continued, “We have protected women and providers from being extradited to states that outlaw abortion and who would seek to prosecute those people. But we all have to keep doing more.”

AG Jennings added, “This recent Supreme Court case on mifepristone is an example of that. I believe that the Supreme Court, given the oral argument, will likely rule that the plaintiffs don’t have standing to bring this case. But, I also heard loud and clear two justices, Justice Alito [and] Justice Thomas saying ‘what about the Comstock Act’. […] We’re going to be fighting this battle each and every day. And as [Democratic] Attorneys General we’re on the frontlines of the battle and we’re prepared to keep going with this fight. But, we need to make sure that Democrats get elected. To make sure that reproductive freedom is safe even in our states.”

AG Campbell said, “Well obviously, there’s a right-wing conspiracy to ultimately elimate folks’ access to an abortion. And we know that medicated abortion right now is proven to be effective, it is safe, and many folks of course are turning to it in many states to be able to access an abortion.” She continued, “So here in Massachusetts, of course, we’re doing our part to support other states in terms of access. In Massachusetts, we of course have a right to access an abortion, it is codified here, and we’re doing everything we can to protect a full access to a full spectrum of reproductive care for everyone.”

AG Campbell added, “All of us are working together to make sure we do everything in our power to re-elect Biden and Harris because we need partners at the federal level who will help us do the work within our respective states to protect these critical rights.”

AG Mayes said, “In Arizona, we are living under this 15-week abortion ban, no exceptions for rape or incest. But what is even worse than that is the extreme right-wing in my state is trying to actually reimpose an 1864 total ban on abortion, which was passed and written when Arizona was not a state, women couldn’t vote, and the Civil War was still raging. And so I sent the best lawyers in the state of Arizona to the Arizona Supreme Court to fight back against that total ban.” She continued, “What I think is going to happen here is, and in many states is Arizonans are going to take this into their own hands. We’re going to pass a ballot initiative that enshrines abortion rights in our constitution.”

AG Mayes added, “Well, you know, as my colleague from Massachusetts just mentioned, we absolutely have to get President Biden re-elected because one of my fears is, despite the fact that Republicans said they wanted to send this back to the states, for states to decide, I think there’s a real movement in the sort of extreme elements of the Republican Party to try to pass a national ban on abortion. And I think that that is exactly what will happen if former President Trump is elected. I think that’s what will happen if Congress is given an opportunity. So, we’re going to continue to protect abortion access in the states and fight for abortion access in states like mine, that don’t have full access.”


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