Democratic AGs Leading on Biden’s Student Debt Relief Plan

February 28, 2023

SCOTUS to Hear Case Today on GOP AGs’ War Against Student Loan Forgiveness

Washington, DC — Today, the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments in Biden v. Nebraska, a case brought by Republican Attorneys General who sued the Biden Administration over their historic announcement on student loan forgiveness. Following the news, Republican AGs leaped at the opportunity to interfere in hopes of denying debt relief to tens of millions of borrowers. In stark contrast, Democratic AGs have continued to defend student debt relief measures by advocating for student relief programs, dismantling fraudulent institutions, and condemning measures that seek to harm borrowers.

 Ahead of today’s hearing, here’s a reminder of where Democratic Attorneys General stand on this issue and the work they’ve done to support student debt relief and the Biden Administration’s plan:

  • In response to the initial filing of the GOP-led lawsuit, the Massachusetts AG’s office led a coalition of 22 AGs in filing an amicus brief supporting the administration’s student debt cancellation plan.
  • Arizona AG Kris Mayes tossed out the lawsuit from her predecessor “seeking to block President Joe Biden’s debt relief program.”
  • Earlier this year, Massachusetts AG Andrea Campbell and California AG Rob Bonta co-led a coalition of 22 AGs in commending the federal proposal to create a more affordable repayment plan for student loan borrowers. The plan would provide critical assistance to struggling borrowers. “No one should have to choose between paying student loan bills or paying for basic human necessities,” stated AG Campbell.
  • This month, Minnesota AG Keith Ellison successfully ceased the operations of a California student loan debt relief company that illegally collected fees and misrepresented services in Minnesota and also obtained full refunds to its Minnesotan consumers.

Despite the GOP-led attacks on student loan relief, Democratic AGs have remained firm in their fight to protect borrowers while also upholding the Biden administration’s pledge to relieve the burden of student debt.


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