Democratic Attorneys General on Draft SCOTUS Opinion Overturning Roe v. Wade

May 3, 2022

Democratic AGs Ready to Fight on Front Lines to Protect Abortion Access

Washington, DC — Last night, a draft opinion stating that the Supreme Court will strike down Roe v. Wade was leaked. While abortion is still legal and remains a constitutional right, this is a crisis moment for abortion access. Democratic Attorneys General are on the front lines of protecting abortion care in states across the country and it’s never been more important to vote for AGs who will fight to protect access in the years ahead.

Statement from DAGA Co-Chairs Nevada AG Aaron Ford and Delaware AG Kathy Jennings:

“This news is devastating and disturbing. While this decision is not yet final, this is a moment we’ve been preparing for and we’re already fighting back. Since 2019, we’ve been the only Democratic political committee with an explicit litmus test for supporting abortion access, and we are doubling down on the importance of protecting this right, especially if Roe falls and the right to abortion care is dismantled.

“We must show up at the ballot box this year and vote to protect abortion access. Alongside leaders in the reproductive rights movement, we are proud to be part of this fight and will never let up on ensuring the people of our states can access reproductive health care safely.”


In 2019, the Democratic Attorneys General Association announced that the committee would only endorse candidates who support the right to access abortion and publicly commit to protecting reproductive rights. The new candidate requirement was the first-of-its-kind for any Democratic campaign committee, reinforcing the commitment of the organization, and its Democratic Attorney General leadership, to protecting reproductive health care for all people, not just a privileged few.

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