Georgia Law Enforcement Unites in Support Behind Charlie Bailey

October 18, 2018

Law enforcement have thrown their support behind Georgia Democratic Attorney General candidate Charlie Bailey, recognizing his dedication to keeping Georgia’s families safe. Bailey stands up for victims of violence and has first-hand experience fighting violent crime and taking gang members off the streets who have committed crimes like murder, armed robbery, and drug trafficking.

Charlie Bailey continues to receive exceptional support for his campaign from law enforcement officials, community leaders, and policymakers across Georgia. He has earned the support of 15 Sheriffs and 3 District Attorneys in addition to endorsements from the Police Benevolent Association and the International Brotherhood of Police Officers.


Here’s what you may have missed from Charlie Bailey: Democratic Attorney General candidate Charlie Bailey announced he has received full support from 15 Sheriffs and three District Attorneys across the state.  

Bailey earned endorsements from numerous elected officials including U.S. Representatives Hank Johnson (D-GA-4) and David Scott (D-GA-13), five Georgia mayors, 20 current state senators and representatives, including Minority Leader Representative Bob Trammell, and six former state representatives and senators.

Former Georgia Governor Roy Barnes and Former Lt. Governor Mark Taylor have endorsed Bailey, along with former US Senator and GA Secretary of State Max Cleland, and former U.S. Representative Don Johnson, Jr.

Bailey has committed, if elected, to forming an organized crime and gang division within the Attorney General’s office to target organized crime leaders who are profiting from the opioid crisis and human trafficking. Charlie Bailey has proven he will work closely with local police and prosecutes to put everyone’s number one priority first: keeping Georgians safe.

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