GOP AG Dave Yost is Out of Touch with Ohioans

October 13, 2022

Poll Reveals Majority of Ohioans Support Abortion Rights as Yost Appeals Judge’s Decision to Pause Abortion Ban

Washington, D.C. — Incumbent GOP Attorney General Dave Yost is committed to stripping away reproductive rights, despite the fact that most Ohioans disagree with his anti-abortion views. As reported this week, “New polling shows that 59.1% of Ohio registered voters would support a constitutional amendment to make abortion a fundamental right in the state.”

Just yesterday, AG Yost announced that he’s appealing a judge’s recent order to block the state’s six-week ban. Yost is responsible for enforcing the six-week abortion ban that forced a pregnant 10-year-old to travel out-of-state for care when it was in effect earlier this year following the Dobbs decision. Yost’s anti-abortion positions and actions are out-of-touch with where the majority of Ohioans are on this issue.

Democratic AG nominee Jeff Crossman stands in stark contrast to AG Yost. As Crossman shared with The Columbus Dispatch“‘I think one of the real unfortunate or, quite frankly, reprehensible things that Yost has done in that office is use that office for political purposes.’”

Crossman continues, “‘I completely and fundamentally disagree that that office should be used to file lawsuits based on political philosophy because as the attorney general, you’re supposed to represent all the people in the state, not just the ones that agree with you politically.’”

Ohioans deserve Jeff Crossman as their People’s Lawyer.


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