ICYMI: Key Battleground State AGs Head into Re-Election Positioned to Win Big

January 24, 2020

North Carolina AG Josh Stein and Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro Head into 2020 with More Than $3 Million Each

As 2020 heats up, Democratic incumbent state Attorneys General in North Carolina and Pennsylvania head into re-election efforts in these battleground states with record-breaking fundraising, setting up these two critical Democratic incumbents for success at the ballot box.

North Carolina AG Josh Stein announced in an email to supporters that he has $3.9 Million cash on hand, more than any non-gubernatorial state candidate has had at this point in a campaign in North Carolina history, and Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro kicked-off his re-election efforts last week with $3.1 Million cash on hand.

Both elected in 2016, AG Stein and AG Shapiro have proven they can win in tough, battleground states even with Trump on the ballot.

  • In 2016, Josh Shapiro outperformed the top of ticket receiving more than 3 million votes—that is more votes than any other elected official on the ballot in Pennsylvania in 2016. 86,000+ voters more than Trump and 130,000+ votes more than Hillary Clinton.
  • In 2016, Josh Stein won by a larger margin than now Governor Roy Cooper, winning by over 20,000 votes.

Josh Shapiro and Josh Stein demonstrated there is a winning path for a Democrat in battleground states – even with a candidate like Trump on the ticket. 2020 is shaping up to be a repeat of that success.


  • Over the last 3+ years, Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro has earned national attention for his work protecting the people of Pennsylvania, focusing on protecting survivors of assault and gun violence, protecting access to contraception, and holding special interests accountable.
  • North Carolina AG Josh Stein is a champion for North Carolinians, advocating for resources to clear the state’s assault kit backlog, protecting North Carolina’s coast from offshore drilling, defending the right to vote, and leading a nationwide bipartisan effort to fight robocalls.
  • Both AG Stein and AG Shapiro have been leading the national effort to hold opioid manufacturers accountable for their role in the ongoing opioid epidemic that continues to wreak havoc across the United States.

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