Ken Paxton’s Having A Pretty Bad Day

June 9, 2023

Not Donald Trump-Level Bad, But Close

Washington, DC — Donald Trump had a terrible day yesterday, and running a close second is Ken Paxton. Nate Paul, the man at the center of the suspended Texas AG Paxton’s impeachment, was arrested yesterday in Travis County, reported the Texas Tribune.

“It’s not immediately clear whether his arrest is related to the allegations against Paxton, but Paul is at the center of the abuse-of-office complaints against the three-term Republican attorney general who was impeached by the Texas House last month. Paxton is currently suspended from his official duties and awaiting an impeachment trial in the Senate, which would require a two-thirds vote to permanently remove him from office.”

“Before the FBI raid, Paul made a $25,000 political donation to Paxton in October 2018. Following the donation, multiple senior aides in Paxton’s office accused the attorney general of using his office to help Paul’s business interests, investigate Paul’s adversaries and to help settle a lawsuit. In filings, the former aides described Paxton’s motivations as a ‘bizarre, obsessive use of power.’”

Ken Paxton and Donald Trump are yet again at the center of major legal troubles – but that’s nothing new for them.


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