Mic Check, 1-2- Wardlow caught in campaign lie, he’s really all about the GOP

October 12, 2018

In Minnesota, Republican AG candidate Doug Wardlow told supporters at a fundraiser in Shakopee on Monday that he plans a mass firing of Democrats that work in the state attorney general’s office if he wins in November.

This is how Wardlow described plans for a partisan purge: “It’s really exciting now to be in a position for the first time in a half century to take this office back,” Wardlow said. “We’re going to fire 42 Democratic attorneys right off the bat and get Republican attorneys in there.”

Uh, oh, that means Wardlow lied to the Star-Tribune when he told them he would set aside politics, if elected. And it means he’s lying to voters when he’s out on the campaign trail saying, “I’m not going to be doing anything political with the attorney general’s office.”

We already knew Wardlow was Minnesota’s ‘throwback homophobic candidate’ due to his consistent history of attacking LGBTQ people and attempting to undermine policies that benefit equal rights for the LGBTQ community.

And now, we know he’s full of promises, he never intended to keep.

Minnesotans have the opportunity to vote against the GOP partisan hack Wardlow turned out to be and his hateful agenda this November. Wardlow’s partisan past and his plans for a partisan future do not put the people of Minnesota first—and they have no place in the office of the Minnesota Attorney General.

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