Momentum in Kentucky AG Race: New Ad Showcases Colonel Pam Stevenson’s Commitment to Kentucky

October 16, 2023

Stevenson Is the Clear Choice for Kentucky AG

Washington, DC —  Today, the Democratic nominee for Kentucky Attorney General Colonel Pam Stevenson released her first television ad of the election cycle, “Faith, Country, Kentucky.” Kentucky Forward writes, “The ad highlights Colonel Stevenson’s 27 years of service in the United States Air Force as a JAG attorney and her nearly 40 years of law practice.”


“Colonel Pamela Stevenson was born and raised in Louisville, growing up in her grandfather’s church where she is now an ordained minister; she is Kentucky’s daughter.”

“This ad release comes off an impressive fundraising report where Colonel Stevenson out-raised her opponent, putting up well over $150,000 raised for the 30 day pre-election report.” 

Colonel Stevenson also sat down for an interview with The Root to discuss her background and dedication to protecting the rights of the people of Kentucky.

The Root writes, “She made history earlier this year when she became the first Black woman nominated by a party as Attorney General in Kentucky. Looking back at Stevenson’s career, it’s clear she’s no stranger to breaking barriers.”

“Stevenson served as a Judge Advocate Officer in the Air Force — a type of highly specialized attorney who handles a wide portfolio of legal issues for the military. She says the same passion that drove her in the Air Force is what drives her to want to take up the mantle of Attorney General. ‘I love serving something bigger than myself,’ she says.”

“On the issue of abortion, Stevenson draws a clear line between herself and her predecessor. Cameron and her Republican opponent, Russell Coleman, are both staunchly anti-abortion. ‘I always go back to my service,’ says Stevenson, ‘everybody that died for this country… the older people that died on those battlefields, died so that people can be free. They died for the promise of America. They died so that we could have rights… and that includes the right to privacy, the right to your body.’”


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