NEW: Michigan AG Dana Nessel Discusses Efforts to Protect Abortion Rights on MSNBC

January 31, 2024

“Every Election, When it Comes to Reproductive Rights, Matters”

Washington, DC — Yesterday, Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel joined Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC to discuss her latest action in protecting abortion rights. AG Nessel announced that her office filed a motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed by anti-abortion extremists that attempts to overturn Michigan’s state constitutional amendment protecting abortion rights.

AG Dana Nessel said, “I think this is a helpful reminder, this lawsuit, that this issue never really ends. And when you had these anti-abortion crusaders say that they really wanted this issue just to go back to the states, it shouldn’t be a federal issue, it should be a state issue, they didn’t really mean it.” 

AG Nessel also spoke about the mifepristone abortion pill case, stating, “We have the mifepristone case, the abortion medication case that is now pending in the United States Supreme Court, which could upend 30 years of an FDA-approved, incredibly safe medication.” She continued, “What we’re seeing with this United States Supreme Court is that the ends justify the means, and the ends here is ending all abortion rights as we know it and not just stopping there.”

“We have to treat every election as though it matters. Whether it’s a state election [or] whether it’s a federal election. Whether you’re looking at who’s going to be in the United States Senate and who’s going to be the President of the United States, selecting Supreme Court justices. Or whether it’s a state election and you’re deciding who your AG, your governor, and your secretary of state is going to be. Every election, when it comes to reproductive rights, matters. And this matter is never really over.


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