NEW POLL: Texas Dem. AG Nominee Rochelle Garza Within Two Points

August 15, 2022

Garza Leads Criminally Indicted Paxton with Independent Voters

Washington, DC — With only three months until the midterm election, a new Dallas Morning News-University of Texas at Tyler poll shows “Attorney General Ken Paxton and his Democratic challenger, Rochelle Garza, are neck and neck.” The Dallas Morning News calls this “a sign the embattled incumbent is vulnerable in November.”

Paxton is the weakest incumbent in Texas, and vulnerable this November as Texans and independents reject him. “The results suggest the race could be Democrats’ best shot at winning a statewide office after a nearly three-decade lockout,” writes the Dallas Morning News.

“Paxton leads Garza 34%-32% among registered voters — the tightest margin of any statewide contest.”

“Garza has a 5-point lead among independents, who also make up the biggest chunk of undecided voters and could swing the election.”

Paxton has been under indictment for securities fraud for almost his entire tenure, but a trial has been delayed by wrangling over where to hold one, how much to pay prosecutors and non-legal reasons, like Hurricane Harvey and the pandemic. In late 2020, the FBI began investigating Paxton after former aides accused him of illegally helping a campaign donor. No federal charges have been filed. Paxton denies wrongdoing.”

“The legal problems, however, fueled attacks by Republicans and Democrats that may be resonating with voters on the fence.”


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