ICYMI: Key Endorsements in the Keystone State

October 16, 2020

In case you missed it, two editorial boards endorsed Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro’s re-election bid. The Philadelphia Inquirer and the Citizens’ Voice both announced their support of his candidacy.

  • The Philadelphia Inquirer editorial board endorsed AG Shapiro writing, “Shapiro has succeeded in restoring integrity to the office. His performance in office for the past four years has been as a fierce advocate, which has served Pennsylvanians well.”
    • The Inquirer went on to say, “He set up divisions for fair labor, consumer financial protection, and civil rights. His most ambitious work was taking on the Catholic Church, leading a grand jury investigation in clergy sexual abuse that identified more than 300 predator priests. The massive report prompted similar investigations across the country and led to a much-needed change in the law on the statute of limitations for complaints. That change will have reverberations for a long time to come.”
    • The Inquirer closed with, “his success in restoring integrity and fighting on behalf of Pennsylvanians earns Josh Shapiro our strong endorsement.”
  • The Citizens’ Voice editorial board endorsed AG Shapiro writing, “In concept and in four years of execution, Shapiro’s vision has proved beneficial for the commonwealth…”
    • The editorial board goes on to write, “Heidelbaugh disagrees with Shapiro’s acknowledged effort to make the office ‘the state’s largest public interest law firm.’ … The people of Pennsylvania need a public interest law firm, however. Shapiro has pressed their cause on matters that too often had been ignored in the past, including civil rights, fair labor standards, and aggressive consumer protection.”
    • The editorial board closes by calling AG Shapiro’s record as Pennsylvania Attorney General a “solid one that warrants his re-election.”


AG Shapiro continues to garner support for his re-election from across the Commonwealth. These critical endorsements come as early voting is underway across the Commonwealth and Democrats up and down the ballot are seeing continued enthusiasm on the ground. With recent public polling showing him leading by double digits and a significant cash on hand advantage heading into the final weeks, AG Shapiro is on his way to a successful re-election in this battleground state.

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