PA AG RACE UPDATE: DAGA Applauds Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro on a Successful Re-Election

November 6, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C.— Today, the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA) released the following statement from Executive Director Sean Rankin congratulating Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro on a successful re-election. AG Shapiro faced RAGA-backed Republican AG nominee Heather Heidelbaugh. Pennsylvania was a 2020 battleground state, but Josh Shapiro’s strong campaign led to a fundraising and polling advantage far too significant for an unprepared Republican candidate to overcome. AG Shapiro currently holds a nearly 4% lead and has eclipsed more than 3.3 million votes, more than anyone else on the ticket, including Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Statement from Sean Rankin, Executive Director of the Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“Congratulations to Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro and his campaign on his successful re-election in a tough battleground state. AG Shapiro continues to show the people of Pennsylvania what leadership, compassion, and dedication look like in the office of Attorney General. With Josh Shapiro at the helm, Pennsylvanians have a steady, trusted leader.”

“Pennsylvania was anticipated to be a close race, however, with Josh Shapiro’s leadership coupled with DAGA’s early investments, the AG race stayed blue. The truth is Josh Shapiro is trusted by Commonwealth voters and for good reason. AG Shapiro has led efforts at the state and national level to defend access to birth control, protect affordable health care, and prevent gun violence. For the good of the people and the nation, AG Shapiro has been a leader in the fight to tackle the opioid crisis and hold powerful institutions accountable to the people. DAGA looks forward to continuing to help AG Shapiro be the best advocate for Pennsylvanians.”

As part of DAGA’s Incumbency Protection Program, DAGA invested $1.5 million in direct contributions to the Shapiro campaign. This investment helped fund television ads, digital ads, polling, modeling, and message testing for the campaign. Additionally, DAGA invested nearly $60,000 for its first-of-its-kind SMS program that reached more than one million Pennsylvanians over the course of the cycle to boost name ID and educate voters about mail-in voting (new to Pennsylvania this year). This SMS program included a closing campaign that reached more than 200,000 Pennsylvanians who had previously received communication on the race, layering on additional communication to key persuadable voters. DAGA also advocated for other strategic partners and allies to invest in down ballot races, including in Pennsylvania.



  • During his first term in office, Pennsylvania AG Josh Shapiro earned national attention for his work protecting the people of Pennsylvania including advocating for justice for survivors of assault, working with law enforcement to prevent gun violence, holding special interests accountable, protecting access to affordable birth control and health care, and safeguard Pennsylvanians ability to have choices when it comes to health care.
  • In partnership with the Pennsylvania Democratic Party, Shapiro for Pennsylvania, and the Democratic National Committee (DNC), DAGA reached one million Pennsylvania voters through coordinated vote-by-mail texting programs ahead of the primary. This effort led to more than twice as many Democrats signing up for vote-by-mail this year.
  • In 2016, Josh Shapiro received more than 3 million voters from Pennsylvanians across the Commonwealth, the most of anyone on the ballot in Pennsylvania – outperforming both Donald Trump and Senator Pat Toomey.
  • In 2020, Josh Shapiro once again received more than 3 million votes, becoming the only candidate in Commonwealth history to eclipse more than 3 million votes twice. President Trump and President Obama both only accomplished it once.
  • RAGA invested nearly $1,000,000 in this battleground state.

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