Questions to Ask Kentucky GOP AG Nominee After Endorsement from Group Pushing Nationwide Abortion Ban

July 7, 2023

News to Russell Coleman: Kentuckians don’t want politicians interfering with their personal freedoms

Washington, DC — Kentucky’s GOP AG nominee Russell Coleman is getting rewarded for his dangerous anti-abortion stance. Coleman just received the endorsement of the anti-reproductive rights group Susan B. Anthony List, a group that is pushing for a national abortion ban and which opposes contraception. SBA List President Marjorie Dannenfelser has said that abortion exceptions for rape are “abominable.” As Coleman racks up endorsements from extremist groups like SBA List, he’s left voters in the dark about how far he plans to go in ripping away more of Kentuckians’ reproductive freedoms.

Statement from Emily Trifone, Deputy Communications Director, DAGA:

“Russell Coleman needs a reality check: banning abortion and interfering with people’s personal freedoms isn’t popular. Last year’s Amendment 2 results showed Kentuckians want politicians to stay out of the exam room — so we wanted to ask Russell Coleman just how intrusive he plans to be as Attorney General:

  1. You said you want to “build on” AG Cameron’s anti-abortion work. How exactly do you plan to do that?
  2. Do you support measures to prosecute abortion patients as some legislators in Kentucky have suggested?
  3. We’ve been seeing more GOP AGs attack other forms of reproductive health care like common forms of birth control.  Where do you stand on access to birth control?
  4. You supported Amendment 2 and the majority of Kentucky voters rejected it. What do you say to the majority of Kentuckians who don’t want politicians interfering with their personal medical freedoms?

Last year, Kentuckians rejected Amendment 2 that would have changed the wording of the state’s constitution to say that there was no protected right to abortion. Coleman supported Amendment 2. While abortion is currently banned in Kentucky, Coleman has said he wants to, as he notes, “build on” current Attorney General Daniel Cameron’s anti-abortion work. It’s time for Coleman to tell voters exactly how much he plans to restrict their freedoms.


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