TOMORROW: Donald Trump Returns to Michigan to Stump for His Handpicked AG Candidate

September 30, 2022

Far-Right Matt DePerno is Too Extreme for Michigan

Washington, DC — As early voting begins in Michigan, tomorrow Donald Trump will visit Michigan to stump for far-right GOP AG candidate Matt DePerno. DePerno has been in hot water since the start of the campaign as more, and more details emerge on his relentless efforts to overturn the 2020 election and his dangerous statements on abortion and reproductive rights.

DePerno has been on the frontlines of Trump’s ongoing campaign to overturn the 2020 election results, and it has even landed him at the center of an investigation for illegally tampering with voting machines. If that isn’t too extreme for Michigan, most recently, DePerno said Plan B should be banned and “be stopped at the border” like fentanyl. This was after he admitted he didn’t know what the emergency contraceptive was.

The contrast in the AG race couldn’t be clearer: While Democratic AG Dana Nessel has put Michiganders first, protecting democracy and reproductive rights, Matt DePerno is an out-of-touch extremist who wants to ban Plan B and undermine confidence in our elections.


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