WEEK ONE: Corrupt Ken Paxton’s Impeachment Trial

September 8, 2023

A Look at Some of the Most Wild Moments So Far

Washington, DC — This week marked the start of the historic impeachment trial of the suspended Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton. While the trial is still ongoing as we speak, there have already been wild moments worth mentioning, including AG Paxton’s former top aide calling Paxton’s actions “unconscionable.” After nearly a decade of scandals, Paxton is facing 20 articles of impeachment against him ranging from bribery to abuse of public trust.

Here’s a look at what’s been said so far:

Dallas Morning News: AG’s office ‘hijacked’ by Nate Paul, ex-aides testify at Paxton impeachment trial

  • “In sometimes tearful testimony Thursday, Ken Paxton’s former top deputies said the attorney general abused his power to help real estate developer Nate Paul and to ‘target and harass law enforcement.”’

Texas Tribune: Texas AG Ken Paxton’s habit of refusing to defend state agencies cost taxpayers

  • “Despite his role as Texas’ lead attorney, Paxton has denied representation to state agencies at least 75 times in the past two years, according to records obtained by ProPublica and The Texas Tribune. The denials forced some of those agencies to assume additional, unanticipated costs as they scrambled to secure legal assistance.”

Texas Tribune: “It was not a mutiny”: Senior staff had no choice but to report Ken Paxton to the FBI, whistleblower testifies

  • ‘“I was deeply concerned that the name, authority and power of our office had been, in my view, hijacked to serve the interests of an individual against the interests of the broader public,’ Bangert testified. ‘It was unconscionable.’”

NYT: Former Top Deputy Says Ken Paxton Took Unusual Actions to Help Donor

  • “The former aide, Jeff Mateer, testified for a second day in Mr. Paxton’s impeachment trial, describing feelings of alarm and betrayal.”

NBC: Texas Republicans put Trump ally Attorney General Ken Paxton on trial




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