What You Need to Know About Kentucky’s GOP Attorney General Nominee

January 9, 2023

Dangerous McConnell Choice Has Failed to Keep Kentuckians Safe, Radically Anti-Choice

Washington, DC – With the filing deadline behind us, Kentucky Republicans have chosen Russell Coleman as their nominee. Coleman is a radical former Mitch McConnell staffer and has failed to keep Kentuckians safe.

Statement from Geoff Burgan, DAGA’s Communications Director:

“Russell Coleman’s dangerous experience and agenda are wildly out-of-touch with Kentucky’s values. He’s spent his career in the smoke-filled backrooms of Washington working for Mitch McConnell and his special interests. He’s attacked Kentuckians’ rights to make their own decisions about their bodies, and he’s failed to keep them safe from violent crime. He’s the wrong choice to be Kentucky’s next Attorney General.”


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