10/15 Weekly Roundup

October 15, 2018

We are 22 days until Election Day—and the airwaves and digital channels are crowded with campaign ads.  To make sure you catch the powerful and  important ads from Democratic AG candidates,  check out this weekly round-up below with a spotlight on ads in Florida and Wisconsin.

Sean Shaw (FL)

I Will– Right now in Florida, it’s easier to get an assault weapon than it is to get access to quality, affordable healthcare. Unlike Sean Shaw’s GOP opponent, Shaw promises to fight to keep families safe and fight for quality healthcare.

Josh Kaul (WI)

Better- As your Attorney General, Josh Kaul will prioritize keeping families safe and processing rape kits, not wasting taxpayer dollars on commemorative coins like Brad Schimel.

Additional ads from Democratic Attorney General Candidates include:

January Contreras (AZ)

Why I’m Running– January Contreras is a 4th generation Arizonian who became a lawyer to advocate for people in need. She has dedicated her life to protecting children and families. As the next Arizona Attorney General, she will fight for ALL the people in Arizona.

William Tong (CT)

Separate– Sue Hatfield won’t stand up to Donald Trump, going so far as to support the president’s child separation policy at the border. As your next AG, William Tong will stand up for what’s right.

Every Day– William Tong fights every day to defend his children and the children of Connecticut. As your next AG, he will continue defending all children from the Trump administration’s dangerous policies.

Brian Frosh (MD)

Above Attorney General Brian Frosh took an oath to protect the people of Maryland. Attorney General Frosh will continue working hard to make sure no one is above the law, even the President of the United States.

Charge– Brian Frosh demonstrated his commitment to the people of Maryland before he was AG making sure the Chesapeake Bay was safe from corporate interests. As your AG, he will continue to fight to protect Maryland families and communities.

Keith Ellison (MN)

Doug Wardlow is Anything but Apolitical– Doug Wardlow claims he will take the politics out of the Attorneys General’s office. In reality, we know he will abuse the office to promote his right-wing agenda.

Hate Group– Doug Wardlow has a proven track record of defending special interest hate groups like the ADF. Keith Ellison will be the people’s lawyer and make sure all Minnesotans have an Attorney General that will fight for them and their rights.

Steve Dettelbach (OH)

Every Last– Dave Yost failed to hold ECOT accountable and let corrupt charter schools steal millions from taxpayers. Steve Dettelbach will cut out corruption at all levels of government.

Josh Kaul (WI)

Commemorative- The GOP incumbent in Wisconsin would rather spend money on commemorative coins than testing rape kits. As your next Attorney General, Josh Kaul will put the people’s needs first and fight for justice.

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