21 Democratic AGs Call on Sessions to End Cruel Attacks on Families

June 19, 2018

As news continue to surface on the tragic reality facing children and families seeking asylum in the United States along the border, Democratic Attorneys General are again stepping up to call out the barbaric policies of the Trump administration.

Today, New Mexico AG Hector Balderas led 20 Democratic AGs calling on United States Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen to end the cruel and illegal attacks on children and families lawfully seeking asylum in the United States as they seek protection from domestic and sexual abuse, and gang violence. In recent weeks, the federal government has separated thousands of asylum-seeking children from their parents, and reclassified the protective status of international domestic violence survivors. In a letter, the 21 Democratic AGs demand that United State Attorney General Jeff Sessions immediately stop putting children in danger by separating them from their families. Full letter linked here.

“The latest move to unnecessarily separate families is cruel and another example of this administration putting politics ahead of people,” noted AG Balderas in a statement.  “Because of these concerns and the overwhelming views of Americans that we must protect the best interests and safety of all children and domestic violence victims, we demand that the Department of Justice immediately cease these draconian practices.”

A new Quinnipiac poll released yesterday found 66 percent of American voters oppose the policy of separating children and parents when families illegally cross the border into America, versus only 27 percent who support it.

This does beg the question: Given this practice is not only morally bankrupt, but also that a majority of voters oppose it, then why have we not seen the same opposition and leadership shown by the Republican Attorneys General?  They appear to be more concerned with going on Fox News to kowtow to President Trump on this savage political maneuver that puts the lives of children in the crosshairs.

Our democracy can't wait.

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