A Texas-Sized Embarrassment: Ken Paxton Pushed Into a Runoff

March 1, 2022

Bruising Primary Leads to What is Sure to be a Nasty Runoff 

Washington, DC — Results are still coming in, but what’s clear as of this hour: the Texas Attorney General GOP primary is headed to a messy runoff. Scandal-ridden AG Ken Paxton still doesn’t know who he will face in the runoff, but one thing’s clear: this a nightmare scenario for the incumbent, who has faced massive legal, ethical and political troubles over the last several years.

Paxton is the far-right ringleader of the GOP Attorneys General in their allegiance to the ‘Big Lie.’ More than a dozen of his colleagues joined his baseless lawsuit to steal a lawful election that was thrown out by the Supreme Court.

Statement from Geoff Burgan, Communications Director, Democratic Attorneys General Association:

“Tonight is a Texas-sized embarrassment for AG Ken Paxton and the Republican Attorneys General Association. RAGA’s spent hundreds of thousands of dollars propping him up and Paxton’s spent millions of dollars in the last few months while pandering to his far-right base, including trying to steal a legal presidential election with his baseless Texas v. Pennsylvania lawsuit. But all of that wasn’t enough to stop him from being forced into a runoff. It’s going to be a long few months for Ken Paxton and RAGA.”


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