Abortion Continues to be Key Issue in Attorneys General Races

October 5, 2022

From Arizona to Wisconsin, Dem Candidates Campaigning on Defending Reproductive Health Care

Washington DC – As Roll Call reported this week, “Democratic candidates are ramping up messaging on reproductive health in races for governor and attorney general as they capitalize on renewed interest in protecting access to abortion and contraception ahead of the 2022 midterm elections.”

In Wisconsin, AG Josh Kaul shared “‘My hope is that if voters send a clear message at the polls that they support candidates who are pro-choice who are going to protect access to safe and legal abortion.’”

Roll Call continues, “For states with competitive races for attorney general, the election may mean the difference between implementing or blocking a state abortion ban or larger legal strategy. In Michigan and Wisconsin, Democratic incumbents hope to keep their seats and prevent older abortion bans from being implemented.”

“Wisconsin’s Kaul has campaigned on his efforts to block implementation of an 1849 state law that prohibits any abortion except to save the life of the mother. His office’s challenge to the law is still ongoing.”

“‘This is a clear difference in our race between my Republican opponent and me,’ Kaul said. ‘He’s said that he would withdraw from our lawsuit on day one in office and … would enforce the ban as attorney general, which means putting people behind bars for abortions.’”

Roll Call also notes Michigan AG Dana Nessel’s opposition to her state’s pre-Roe abortion ban. AG Nessel “released an ad differentiating herself from her GOP opponent, Matt DePerno, who supports implementing the state’s 1931 abortion ban.”

Arizona is another state where abortion is a key issue, especially now that the state’s pre-Roe abortion ban is in effect. “‘A lot of folks here are in a state of disbelief that we are now subject to this cruel law that predates women even being able to vote in Arizona and predates our constitution,’” Democratic AG candidate Kris Mayes shared with Roll Call.

As the Associated Press reported, Abe Hamadeh, the far-right GOP AG nominee, “promises to uphold Arizona’s longstanding ban on abortion if elected in November.”




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