ICYMI: Indiana’s Republican AG Curtis Hill Kicks Off Re-Election Year Under Investigation for Sexual Misconduct

January 7, 2020

Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission Recommends Suspending AG Hill’s Law License

Indiana’s Republican AG Curtis Hill, who served as the Republican Attorneys General Association (RAGA) Vice Chair in 2019, is starting the New Year and his re-election efforts on the verge of losing his law license. AG Hill is currently under investigation “for touching four women, including a state lawmaker, during a party at a downtown bar following the end of the 2018 legislative session.”

And as 2019 came to a close, the Indiana Supreme Court Disciplinary Commission proposed suspending AG Hill’s law license for at least two years calling Hill’s actions “deliberate, loathsome and demeaning.”

The hearing officer found AG Hill’s testimony “not credible” and that Hill “violated the Indiana Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys at Law.”

Even more unsettling, the hearing officer also alleges AG Hill worked to discredit the victims and members of the disciplinary commission including defending himself using state taxpayer resources.  According to court records, this includes victim-blaming tactics like focusing on what the victims were wearing, what they were drinking, who they were dancing with, if they posed for a photo and whether they were overreacting to flirting.

Shockingly, RAGA, the very committee AG Hill formerly vice-chaired, has remained COMPLETELY SILENT over these appalling allegations for more than 540 days (and counting).

We are just 10 months away from critical statewide elections in Indiana. AG Hill’s disturbing behavior and RAGA’s silence speak volumes—and voters are listening. Rather than vote for someone who victim-blames and wastes state resources defending his own misconduct, Indiana voters have the opportunity to hold AG Hill—and the national organization that backs him—accountable.

Respect for women should not be up for debate, but AG Hill and his lack of respect for women are in fact up for debate and re-election.

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