Arizona AG Kris Mayes Protecting Arizona’s Elections

August 14, 2023

Mayes Warns Against Manual Ballot Counting

Washington, DC — Last week in a letter, Arizona AG Kris Mayes warned Arizona’s fifteen county attorneys against manually counting ballots instead of using automatic tabulating equipment. This came after a group of GOP state legislators traveled the state advising county boards of supervisors to do so. AG Mayes called it “flat wrong.”

AG Mayes also said, “SCR 1037 is merely a resolution, not a bill, and it has no force of law. Any suggestion that this resolution is legally binding because of the Legislature’s ‘plenary authority’ is also wrong. In most instances, counting ballots manually instead of using tabulating equipment is impracticable, would significantly increase costs, and harm the timeliness and accuracy of results.”

The Washington Post’s Yvonne Wingett Sanchez highlighted the AG’s letter:



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