Arizona GOP AG Nominee Misleading Arizonans on His Courtroom, Trial Experience

September 12, 2022

Fourth Estate 48 Reveals Abe Hamadeh’s Continued Lies

Washington, D.C. — Fourth Estate 48 recently exposed additional alarming details on GOP Attorney General nominee Abe Hamadeh’s track record of lying to Arizonans — all in a failed attempt to boost his chances in November’s election. “Abraham Hamadeh has made a habit of misleading voters or straight up lying about his background and experience, according to personnel records,” reports the article.

“Abraham Hamadeh, a 31-year-old Republican running to be the next Arizona attorney general, said he’s handled ‘dozens of trials,’ but according to a public database and two of his personnel files, that claim appears to be untrue.”

“On top of that, Maricopa County prosecutors –– when joining the MCAO –– sit through a one-year probationary period to begin their employment. During this time, a supervisor wrote that Hamadeh helped on several trials, but eAccess, a site dedicated to tracking cases searchable by attorney or other information factors, shows Hamadeh may not have actually been directly involved in any trials during his short tenure.

“What’s more, Hamadeh claimed in his resume for the MCAO job that he, ‘prosecuted ten misdemeanor bench trials … [and] Prosecuted two misdemeanor jury trials,’ while at the Tucson City Prosecutor’s Office.”

“Hamadeh was a ‘volunteer intern,’ the office told me, meaning no, he did not prosecute any of the trials himself. Hamadeh also was not a licensed attorney at the time and wouldn’t be for another two years.”

“Hamadeh earned Donald Trump’s endorsement in part because he has been willing to campaign on the lie that the election was stolen from Trump.”


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