Bad News Brauchler

October 8, 2018

Let’s start with the 4AM tweet that makes fun of the #MeToo movement.

Brauchler is mocking a teacher written piece, “What Does ‘Green Eggs and Ham’ Have To Do With the #MeToo Movement”, in Newsweek that highlights the Dr. Seuss classic as a focus for a classroom discussion on “no means no” and consent.

The lack of respect shown for the important conversation around sexual harassment and consent is not only alarming, but this is consistent with recent comments from Brauchler that show he is unfit to be a leader entrusted to protect ALL Coloradans.

Last week, the Federalist Society hosted an AG candidate debate in which Brauchler showcased his failure to understand the role of the Colorado AG and his failure to say he would challenge the Trump administration on policies that are hurting the people of Colorado. Here are some key moments from the debate:

  • Early on, Brauchler tried to claim he didn’t run for “this office because of who is in the White House”, but rather because of the “who is in Colorado.” This was quickly fact checked by Democratic candidate Phil Weiser (16:04 mark) who reminded the audience that Brauchler only ran for Attorney General AFTER dropping out of the Governor’s race.
  • On key issues mentioned during the debate, Brauchler made it clear that:  
    • He would not fight to protect affordable healthcare coverage for Coloradans with pre-existing conditions;
    • He would not fight to protect DREAMERS;
    • He would not challenge Family Separation policies that have put children in cages; and
    • He would not try to stop environmental protection rollbacks that hurt Colorado’s natural resources.

This November 6th, rather than vote for someone who mocks the #MeToo movement and can’t think of a single thing they would do to keep the federal government in check, Colorado voters have the opportunity to vote for an AG this November that will be a leader! Phil Weiser is committed to fighting for the rights of Coloradans—and fighting to uphold the rule of law.

Who would you pick? The 4 AM tweeter or the leader who will fight for your rights?

Our democracy can't wait.

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