BOMBSHELL: RAGA Plot to Primary Incumbent AG Uncovered

August 25, 2023

POLITICO Influence: “RAGA brass back a challenger to one of their own”

Washington, DC — The Republicans are fighting. And not just on the presidential debate stage. With the Missouri AG seat up for grabs next year, POLITICO Influence has revealed, “Top leadership of the Republican Attorneys General Association are supporting a challenger to one of their own members, sitting Missouri Republican Attorney General Andrew Bailey, Daniel reports.”

POLITICO Influence continues, “In December, RAGA executive director Peter Bisbee donated $250 to Will Scharf, an old friend of his, and a new Scharf campaign memo obtained by PI capitalizes on that support”.

The memo reads, “‘In a notable departure from past practice, we do not expect RAGA to offer Bailey any support despite his status as a technical incumbent, a testament to the expected weakness of Bailey as a candidate and the expected strength of Scharf’s challenge.’”

“In addition to his financial support, Bisbee also pressured [former Missouri Gov. Mike Parson’s] chief of staff, Aaron Willard, to pick Scharf on a heated call soon after the midterms, according to a person familiar with the call. After several calls throughout the election cycle during which Bisbee fished for information on the selection process, once [previous attorney general] Schmitt was elected, Bisbee lobbied Willard aggressively for Scharf’s appointment — at one point warning during the call that ‘this is gonna create problems’ for the governor’s office, the person recalled,” POLITICO Influence revealed.

POLITICO Influence continues, “…a person familiar with conversations within RAGA told PI: ‘RAGA’s executive director, Peter Bisbee, has contributed to Scharf’s campaign, along with numerous members of RAGA and its supporters, including Leonard Leo and Paul Singer.’”

“‘While Will Scharf is writing memos and playing politics, Attorney General Andrew Bailey is taking Joe Biden to court, fighting to defend Missourians from the Left’s assault on our jobs, freedoms, and our way of life,” Bailey adviser Mike Hafner said in a statement.”

The Republican infighting ahead of 2024 is just beginning. And whoever they pick as their GOP nominee in Missouri, the Democratic Attorneys General Association is coming for that seat next year.


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