Charlotte Observer Editorial: Dan Bishop Would Be Disastrous as North Carolina AG

November 3, 2023

Bishop, Trump, and Robinson “Have Little Regard for Human Decency”

Washington, DC — North Carolina is shaping up to have the most polarizing ticket in the upcoming 2024 general election cycle. The Charlotte Observer writes in an editorial, “Former President Donald Trump, Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson and U.S. Rep. Dan Bishop have a lot in common. They often have little regard for human decency. They hold extreme positions that run contrary to public opinion on key issues. And, barring any surprises, they’ll be the Republican nominees at the top of the ticket in North Carolina in 2024.”

“It’s a remarkably red ticket, especially in a purple state like North Carolina. In fact, it might even be the most extreme top of the ticket in the history of our state — and one that could make 2024 a referendum on the extremism that has gradually overtaken the Republican Party in recent years.”

“In 2022, Republican extremism proved to be a losing strategy nationwide. Despite expectations of a red wave, GOP candidates who openly supported strict abortion bans and parroted false claims about the 2020 election lost their midterm races, even in swing states like Arizona and Pennsylvania.”


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