CNN Spotlights How Josh Shapiro Used Record as AG to Win Pennsylvania Governor’s Race

January 4, 2023

Democratic AGs Win Big in 2022, and Are Gearing Up for More

Washington, DC — As inaugurations are set to begin across the country, CNN highlighted how Pennsylvania Governor-Elect Josh Shapiro used his record as AG to win the party’s biggest margin in any swing-state race of 2022. And when it came to electing Attorneys General, Americans resoundingly rejected extremism. “Even in states with multiple competitive races, every Democratic attorney general was reelected in 2022, except in rapidly reddening Iowa, and the party picked up the office in the key swing state of Arizona,” reports CNN.

“‘My sense is people don’t think government will have the courage to take on the powerful and then be able to deliver,’ Shapiro said in an interview with CNN. ‘So I think some people are like, ‘This guy really did take on the big guy, and he really did deliver something.’”

CNN continues, “What he’s talking about is a wide record of six years as Pennsylvania attorney general. He didn’t just bemoan the opioid crisis but secured $3.25 billion for treatment and other services in the state. And he wasn’t just complaining about corruption but overseeing the arrests of more than 100 corrupt officials from both parties.”

“But with Shapiro and fellow Democratic Attorney General Maura Healey of Massachusetts winning their governor’s races, other Democratic attorneys general are gearing up for more.”

“Those and other state AGs are already moving individually and in small groups on more investigations they expect to soon go public in a big way, including more pharmaceutical inquiries, privacy and data protection, and online consumer fraud. Also now rising on the list of targets: cryptocurrency.”

“‘It certainly works. It gets the attention of corporate America. They know they have to contend with us,’ said Nevada Attorney General Aaron Ford, who also co-chairs the Democratic Attorneys General Association and just won a second term back home. ‘And the voters appreciate it, and it’s recognized.’”


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