Connecticut AG Race Update: Hatfield and Trump

July 27, 2018

The Hartford Courant previewed the upcoming primary this week, and we have a few flags about the GOP front-runner Sue Hatfield.

Hatfield told the Courant that she “is not in lockstep with everything Donald Trump does.” We think Sue might be a little confused on the definition of “lockstep” since she has supported Donald Trump and his agenda every step of the way. In fact, she has proven to be one of Trump’s most vocal allies in Connecticut. Here are just a few examples of Hatfield’s admiration for Trump:

Sue Hatfield’s recent remarks show that she is nervous that her ties to Trump and his radical far-right agenda will hurt her chances on August 14th, and potentially in November. One thing is for sure Connecticut deserves an AG who is ready to hold those in power accountable including Donald Trump. There is no way that person is Sue Hatfield, lockstep or not.

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