Corrupt AG Ken Paxton Fails to Follow the Law Again

November 3, 2022

Paxton Declines to Enforce Campaign Finance Laws

Washington, DC — Serving as Texas’ top law enforcement officer, criminally-indicted AG Ken Paxton failed again to disclose campaign donors. On Tuesday, the Houston Chronicle revealed that “Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton, whose office has declined to enforce campaign finance laws, has also failed to file his own fundraising disclosure forms with complete lists of donors three times in the past year.”

“Paxton has long had an antagonistic relationship with the Texas Ethics Commission, the state regulatory agency that levies fines for violations such as late or incomplete reports. As of July, it had been almost three years since his office had sued candidates who haven’t paid their fines, though it’s part of his job. He has also declined to represent the ethics commission in court as his political allies seek to dismantle it with a lawsuit.”

“Paxton is widely viewed as the most vulnerable Republican this cycle after a close race in 2018 and mounting legal issuesHe faces an over seven-year-old criminal indictment on felony securities fraud charges that has not yet gone to trial after a series of delays.”

“He’s also under investigation by the FBI after his top aides accused him of corruption in late 2020. He has denied all wrongdoing.”

Paxton is unfit to lead Texas’ Attorney General’s Office. He has a long history of corruption, picking and choosing which laws apply to him and his allies. While Paxton only looks out for himself, Democratic AG nominee Rochelle Garza is ready to work for Texans and be the People’s Lawyer.


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