DAGA-backed Group Launches New TV Ad in Wisconsin Targeting GOP Incumbent Brad Schimel’s Failure to Keep Wisconsin Families Safe

October 23, 2018

Watch “Judgement” Here

Washington, D.C.— DAGA WI People’s Lawyer Project, an independent organization backed by the Democratic Attorneys General Association (DAGA), released a television ad this week focused on GOP incumbent Brad Schimel’s bad judgement and inability to keep the people of Wisconsin safe. As the ad makes clear, Schimel blamed underage victims of sexual assault for their quote “bad judgment” and cut plea deals for sexual predators.

“This November, voters have the opportunity to oust Brad Schimel, who consistently fails to do his job and keep people safe,” said Lizzie Ulmer, Communications Director at the Democratic Attorneys General Association. “Not only has Schimel completely botched investigations and failed to test rape kits in a timely manner, his moral compass puts Wisconsin values at risk. He has victim-blamed sexual assault survivors and took thousands in political donations from a lawyer whose client was caught with child pornography and got a plea deal just days after Schimel took office.”

“Wisconsin needs an Attorney General they can trust to fight for justice and protect our families and communities,” continued Ulmer. “That is why Josh Kaul is the right choice for Attorney General in November.”

Watch the DAGA WI People’s Lawyer Project linked here.

Full Transcript Below:

Their safety is his responsibility.

But Attorney General Brad Schimel repeatedly cut plea deals for men who sexually assaulted children.

He blamed underage victims of sexual assault for their quote “bad judgment.”

And after a lawyer for a man caught with child pornography gave thousands of dollars to Schimel’s campaign,

That man got a plea deal…just days after Schimel took office.

For their safety, vote no on Schimel.

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